Landing Fees

Airfield Landing Charges

Hokitika Airport – Landing Fees from 1 July 2021

Charges for aircraft operators (for any queries, please email All landing charges will be invoiced to the registered aircraft owner monthly.

daily casual landing fees


Microlight (max weight) 600kg

Helicopter (weight-based)

Single Engine Fixed Wing

Multi Engine Fixed Wing (under 5,000kg)

All Aircraft 5,000kg – 10,000kg

All Aircraft 

All Aircraft 20,000kg+

From 1 July 2021








annual landing fees


Microlight (max weight) 600kg

Helicopter (weight-based)

All Aircraft 540kg – 810kg

All Aircraft 1,201kg – 1,800kg

All Aircraft 1,801kg – 4,000kg

From 1 July 2021


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Weights are based on maximum certified take-off weight (MCTOW) of the aircraft.

All powered aircraft carrying out circuits and local training will be charged for one landing per training session.

Microlights means a basic low performance aircraft designed to carry no more than 2 persons with a maximum all up weight of 600kg.